A651675F-61D8-43F1-A38D-69F1487C249DOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is my newest buddy Levi!  He came to live with us in October 2017 when he turned one year old.  We call him “punk” – he’s a teenager and it’s hard for us old dogs to keep up with him sometimes!

I don’t think he knows he’s a Sheltie…….he loves everyone and every dog.  You should see him at the off leash park – wow!  He can run so fast and he loves to greet everybody.  He has a great time!

Levi is a Blue Merle sheltie – lots of people think he’s an Aussie because of his colours.

Levi loves all food – he and Frazier eat veggies and fruit – crazy dogs!  Levi loves to play toys and steals John’s socks all the time.  He also loves to go to the off leash park and play with all of his buddies there.  He is full of energy!