On the road again….Idaho and Utah



We had another travel day today, arriving at the KOA in Salt Lake City around 7:00 at night.  This is a huge KOA!  There are over 500 spots here and lots of them are full.

We like this KOA – they have a Kamp K9. It’s a small off leash park with water dishes, toys and artificial grass.  Frazier was very excited because there was a ball for him to play with, and Levi was also excited – he got to play with a frisbee.   I was the “watcher”, checking out the action! There is also a nature trail here that leads to a city dog park.  We didn’t have time to check this out, but I think that’s a great idea!

John is excited because there is a big RV/car wash – so he is going to get all of that nasty salt off the trailer.

Today, we are heading to an RV park called Willow Wind in Hurricane, Utah, which is close to Zion National Park.  We don’t know which hikes/walks the 3 of us can take in the park, but we will find out and make the best of it!

We didn’t spend time visiting Salt Lake City – Kim and John have been here before……. and we all want to get out of the big city and into nature! 🙂

4 Paws up:  KOA in Salt Lake City! Everyone is really friendly and helpful here!  Thanks for the dog park!

Big Sky Country Hello Montana!

p3260011Sunday  was a great day! We left Lethbridge around 10:00 am, and arrived in Dillon, Montana around 7:00 pm.

We thought it might take some time for us to get cleared at the border – but it was easy peasy!  The lady took one look at our cute faces and said have a good time!.  Hmmmm – they didn’t look at our papers or anything!  We must be very trustworthy.

Onward bound! We took Interstate 15 and it was smooth sailing!

Montana is very beautiful and diverse.  Big Sky, Canyons, Mountains… oh my goodness 🙂

Kim and John decided that if something looks interesting, we should take the opportunity to stop and stretch our legs, and check it out!  You know……enjoy the journey on the way to the destination?  Namaste 🙂

We stopped at a tiny espresso stand in Shelby for an Americano and a Latte.  I think it was a “drive thru” but we did a “walk up” :).  We also took some time to stop at a scenic lookout.

We haven’t made any plans for where to stay during our road trip…we just drive as far as we want and find a place to stop.  Last night, our stop was Dillon, Montana.  Kim loves this old town.  What a gem!  I think this is a really cool place too! Only 4000 people live here, and it was established back in the days when gold mining was a big deal.

We had no expectations – which is always a good thing – because that’s when you enjoy the surprises even more.  Downtown Dillon reminds us of an old Western town, and there is a hotel that looks haunted!  Kim sees many photo opportunities here, and John spotted a Mexican taco “bus” that we are going to check out.




Keep your eyes open and look around – the world is a pretty special, surprising place!

Teddy’s Treasures (things that I give 4 paws up and are thankful for):

  • Rest stops on the Interstate are awesome!  Many have dog runs for us 🙂
  • The KOA in Dillon is great!  The Beaverhead River is right beside our campsite. Great fly fishing here.  The KOA had a dog park for us!
  • Kim and John took us for a lot of mini walks.  We’ve seen deer, geese, and goats (there is petting farm at the KOA)

We are headed through Idaho and plan to stop in Utah tonight – catch ya later!

“Bean” there…..did that!

Ominous Clouds


Today is the day we finally hit the road! We started a day later than planned, but a big snow storm came through Saskatoon and the roads were too dangerous. What happened to spring? We left at noon today and it was smooth sailing!

We made it to Lethbridge, Alberta and are staying at the Quality Inn. (Kim said it is a bit too cold for us to stay in the trailer tonight).  We like it here! It is dog friendly and everyone is very nice. We met many new friends in the lobby – they all wanted to give us some pets! Levi was our greeter – I hid behind my person Kim 🙂

It was a travel day today….. so we didn’t have a lot of highlights – but there are always things to be grateful for – you just have to look….and see…..

Here are my top highlights for today…..

We made it to Alberta!

Made it to Alberta!

Just when we thought….oh oh!….  we are really, really low on gas…..we arrived at Bow Island, Alberta.  “Bean there – did that! ”  :).

Bow Island, Alberta

And….who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries :). See how patiently we wait….. oh my goodness, how thankful we are!

McDonald’s Fries are the Best!


I don’t always show it, but deep down I really do like John.  Especially in the truck! Kisses were plentiful today!

Giving John some love in the truck 🙂

And, how can you not love the Prairie Skies?  Road trips are the best!

The Big Beautiful Prairie Sky

Lots to be grateful for!

Tomorrow we are crossing the border!  Later!  🙂

3 Amigos Walk to the Library

We love the library!  We don’t go in, but we get to go for a long walk when Kim returns books.  It was a beautiful morning and we were the perfect buddies walking beside her. She had us pose outside the library – she might have given us some sardines to get us to pose!


Kim returned a book early – she only read 45 pages. She likes to say that life is short and if the book doesn’t “speak to her” in the first 50 pages, we give it 2 thumbs down (or 4 paws down – ha!) and it goes back.

The one she returned was I’ll take you there: a novel by Wally Lamb.

Here are some books that she has read in the last two weeks that she gives 2 thumbs up to. You might want to check them out!

The Dinner: Herman Koch
The Weight of this World : David Joy (she said this one is kinda dark…)
When Breath Becomes Air: Paul Kalanithi (a memoir)

Also new: John picked up our trailer yesterday!


Kim joked and thought John’s truck would look like a “tonka truck” because the trailer is bigger than what we had. We think it looks pretty good – and give it a combined 12 paws up!

We are heading out on Friday, after Kim finishes her last Adult Education course in Regina. We get to go to Marge’s for a few days while she goes to get “schooled”!

Kim has some very nice reader friends and family – and they lent her all of these books to read. She is very ambitious! I think she needs to get the new Oprah Book Club book An American Marriage (guaranteed she will give that one 2 thumbs up!)


“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”. Oprah

First Step in Gap Year – complete!

My person said the first step to her Gap Year was to invest in a bigger trailer.  John couldn’t believe it!  She loved her “green machine” boler.  They had it for 10 years, and had renovated it to become the amazing Green Machine.  We camped in it every summer, and Kim and John travelled all the way to Toronto with Faldo, Watson and Frazier many years ago.  Kim said that it had a lot of sentimental value – her Mom (my granny Linda), her dad and John spent hours on it.  She hugged it when she gave it up to two very nice people.  It sold in one day (I think she should have asked for more money – and bought me more treats!).

So……..out with the old……….Bye Bye Green Machine 😦 The little house on the prairie!

And…. in with the new:

IMG_0098See how it says “sold to very nice people” ?- those are my people!  John couldn’t believe Kim finally bought one.  Every year she had him take her to the dealership, and she would sit in a Minnie Winnie and never buy one……….this went on for 5 years (she takes a long time to make a decision – oh my goodness!).

We are very happy she did it!  There is more space – especially now that we are a family of 5….. 3 dogs need space.  And she made sure that there a pantry in it….. I think that is where she will put all of our treats and my sardines!

Stay tuned…..we will take this bad boy on the road (we still need to name it……Kim is stumped…..) Countdown is on – we leave next week.


“The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades!”


Teddy Tales

Hi everyone,

My name is Teddy and I’m going to share my tales for our family’s upcoming GAP Year. Actually, it’s my person Kim’s gap year – she said to be careful what you ask of the universe because it just might come true! She asked for time off working and said if it happened she’d put me and my two sheltie buddies into a travel trailer and we would “hit the road”!

Two years later – guess what – it happened! My person, Kim has a GAP year ahead and we don’t know what will be in store – but I’m going to write about it!

So, a bit about me:

*I’m a Sheltie – which means I’m extremely cute – but don’t get fooled – I have a devilish side.
*I have 2 Sheltie buddies at home – my brother Frazier (we are both 9 years old) and my newest buddy Levi (he’s 18 months and we call him “punk”)
*I’m very particular about my “people” and I have 3 favourites in this world – my person Kim, my granny Linda and my friend Marge (who I stay with when Kim travels with her person John)
*I love to go for long walks and car rides and love, love, love Sardines
*I have lots of nicknames – Ted- Ted, Teddy Toes, Care Bear….
*Lots of things scare me – and I like to hide behind my person – so this year will be an adventure for me too

I’ll introduce you to my buddies as we explore the world together – or at least some of the world. (check the menu for their bios and pictures!)

“If I can do it, you can too!” Let the adventures begin!