Taxi ride in Casablanca is an adventure…yikes!

Day 2 night time adventures. Spooky nighttime experience in Casablanca

Well folks, Kim and Bern had a very interesting time last night, trying to get to a restaurant they found on trip advisor……it was kinda like the Blair Witch project, if you know what I mean 😉

They asked the front desk to get them a taxi, after they were having trouble trying to flag one down….after a bit of commotion , and the front desk trying to figure out where the restaurant was, they jumped in a red “taxi” and headed on their way. Well….trip advisor said the restaurant was only 1.7 miles from their hotel, so I don’t think it should have taken a hour. The taxi driver was completely lost and tried to drop them off at three restaurants that weren’t the right ones. Then, he kept stopping for directions. A couple of times before he got out of the taxi, he made sure to roll up the windows and lock the doors…what?!? Kim and Bern were getting s bit frustrated and said, if he doesn’t find the restaurant in 10 minutes, we will use our google translator and tell him to take him back to the hotel….and guess what?!? He arrived at their destination 9 minutes later……but then charged them 100 dirhams….can you say scam? They only paid 20 dirhams to get back to their hotel, hmmm

Oh well, on the bright side of things, they made the most of it and had an amazing meal at Le Cuisto Tradionale. The chef was amazing and came to their table to take their food order, and make suggestions. They had a paws up meal!

Casablanca food…delicious!

Hi folks, while us three furry kids are spending our time at home with John, Kim spent her first full day exploring some of Casablanca.

Bern and Jim were pretty tired from their long travel day, so they slept in until 8 am (which is late for them!), grabbed breakfast at the hotel and went to get a SIM card….can’t be disconnected you know! SIM card and data plan was a whopping $5.56 Canadian….what a bargain!

Back to the hotel to wait for their driver to pick them up for an urban Adventures tour. Kim thought it was called ladies that lunch….she’s not quite right, but it was a lunch…..after they were driven through the crazy traffic of Casablanca, and backtracked to pick up their guide who was stuck in traffic….the guid told them lunch was at his house….huh?!? The lady (one, not ladies) that was doing the cooking had unexpected guests arrive at her house….so she cooked our meal at their guides house. Interesting, but still good. Kim and Bern had an amazing Moroccan celebratory meal….tangine, salad, fruit, pastries and of course mint tea with sugar. Big paws up!

After Bern did some amazing negotiating for a cheap tour tomorrow with their guide (stay tuned), they headed back to the hotel, walked around and went for a beer……you can only drink beer at some places, and you have to stay indoors….no drinking on an outside deck, it’s illegal 😜. Trust kim and Bern, those rebels, to find a place where they can have a drink!

Back to the hotel for a little r and r….i see some more mint tea in the near future.

I think they are going on a religious tour tomorrow…..stay tuned folks

Make today a pawsome day!

Teddy 🐶🐶🐶

Rock the Kasbah! Kim and Bern are headed to Morocco 🇲🇦


Howdy folks! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on Kim’s travels…not since her last 3 week adventure to the Maritimes…..but here she goes again! Isn’t she lucky….

She left on Tuesday and after almost 24 hours, she and her bestie Bern made it to Morocco…Kim said that’s in Africa. Isn’t it amazing how you can be in Canada one day, and the next day on a new continent!

She and Bern said it was a long day, but they made it without a hitch. Kim flew first to Calgary and then they flew through to Amsterdam, France, and finally Casablanca, Morocco. Kim watched 3 movies (Bohemian Rhapsody for the 2nd time….she loves Queen!) and they had some good meals on the plane…not kidding! And some red wine….on their flight to Amsterdam, their KLM bunny mascot joined them and Miffy just might pop up on Instagram. Lol 😆


The trip hasn’t been without some interesting events…the customs line at Casablanca was very long and the taxi ride took an hour and a half…..but, there were some good things that happened too….Kim’s luggage showed up….yippee! And…they met some very nice people that were in the taxi with them…one lady from New Zealand and a man and his daughter from Chicago. They were going on different tours with Intrepid and stayed at different hotels, but they quickly made friends and had a lively conversation.

Next stop Bern and Kim’s hotel, where they were taken to a bedroom with a king size bed, lol! Now, Kim and Bern like each other but….they got a new room with 3 twin beds. Kim said it’s not luxury, but it’s good….very dark at night, so she got a good night’s sleep!

They wandered out for dinner and ended up at a place that Kim said was like a local fast food joint….they are hoping that their other food stops are better than that one….not high on their list!

Back at the hotel, they had mint tea…..which is a very strong custom and tradition here. The tea was delicious and came in a silver ornate teapot. Kim gives it paws up! And…they met a guy from Toronto named Gary. Very nice guy that shared his travel stories with them. He’s headed out on his adventure on the 11th, one day before Kim and Bern





So, stay tuned folks! Travel day is done and they go on a tour today! Let the adventure officially begin!

Teddy…blogger….back in business 🐶🐶🐶😀

Wintery Weekend in Winnipeg



Howdy folks!  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated our blog.  Things have been pretty quiet on the Homefront.  Things changed this past weekend when Kim and her sister Janelle travelled to Winnipeg for the weekend to visit their Aunt Pauline.  They think it should be renamed “Winterpeg” – boy was it cold – minus 40 for most of the weekend!  But they all put on a brave face, and many layers of clothes and hit the town!

Janelle and Kim said that I should give Winnipeg paws up! and they are right……if you are a foodie, this is the place to be.  Janelle said Winnipeg had lots of great food, lots of great “fancy” coffees, and lots of carbs – lol!

They went to some great restaurants and events.   First stop was the brunch at the Forks. The brunch was part of the RAW:Almond event that takes place annually.  It’s a pop up restaurant located on the frozen Assiniboine and Red River that hosts chefs from across Canada and around the world.  This event lasts for 3 weeks and the location is on 3 feet of frozen river water.   The good news – it was in a shelter – and warmer than outside – ha!  And….the food was delicious.  First course: organic potato dumpling; Second course: Local beet and yam hash with butter poached pike and dill hollandaise; Third course: Soft polenta with braised beef cheeks, manchego cheese and horseradish pistou; and finally…..Red river pancakes with marscapone, pear and cherry compote, brown butter syrup and puffed grains.   And…don’t forget about the boozy coffee :). Here are some pictures – doesn’t that look delicious!?!


Some pictures of the location and the cold 🙂


Next up – a visit to the Forks, and warming up indoors.  Janelle found her favorite coffee place in Winnipeg – Fools and Horses.  Pauline and Janelle said the Vanilla Latte was the best ever!


Next up – what better to do on a cold afternoon? – Head down to a place called “Across the Board”.   Janelle and Kim had fun playing board games, having a beverage (of course Kim had a beer or two!) and some popcorn.  This was a cool place – a games expert helped them pick a game – they asked for something easy, that they didn’t have to think too much about.   They started off with Battle Sheep, then followed that up with 80s trivia (Janelle said this was humbling, because they thought they were 80s experts – but they were stumped!)…… and then back to another game recommended to them.  If you go to Winnipeg, do this!


That night they went to a great sandwich shop called King and Bannatyne.  Where is it?  On the corner of King and Bannatyne of course!  Delicious sandwiches and a great atmosphere.


I can’t believe how much they can eat – they started all over again the next morning at a great breakfast place called Clementines.  Janelle and Pauline had a fancy latte and Kim had a boozy drink called Good Morning Vietnam!  They each had a different meal and shared some side plates.  They said this was their favourite restaurant and best food of all of the places they ate.  That’s saying a lot – because they had some amazing food!


Next up – a tour of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  This was a highlight of their trip and something everyone should see!  They went on a 90 minute tour of the galleries which they said is a big Paws Up!  For $5.00 they had a great tour and saw most of the museum.  After the tour they spent another 2 hours exploring on their own.  This is an “ideas museum” that has many interactive exhibits and is currently featuring a Mandela exhibit.  Kim and Janelle said it was a very moving and impactful museum, and should be visited more than once.


Well, that’s it folks – they had a great time and highly recommend that you go to Winnipeg!  Just a few final shots of coffee and cookies – why don’t they ever take me with them?  Paws up folks!  Make today an awesome one!



Wandering in Saskatchewan – Crooked trees and Aliens?

Howdy folks!  Well as you can see, we hit the road again.  I’m having a lot of fun – as you can tell by that big grin on my face :).  We had a very busy day today, and we started a bit early.  Our goal – to see the crooked trees and make it back in time to join all of our buddies for our afternoon walk at Whitecap Dog Park – can you believe we did it all :0).

First off, Kim was determined to start early to get a coffee and a cinnamon bun.  So we headed out at 9:00 am – it was still only -1 degree in Saskatoon – so Kim put on her downfill jacket and toque and we all jumped in the Jeep…….. and headed to Honeybun.  OMG – look at that gooey goodness cinnamon bun.  Of course, she also got an Americano to go :). Kim said this cinnamon bun was delicious and that I need to give it paws up! And she’s right!  If you are in Saskatoon and craving a cinnamon bun, go here!

Okay – Kim was finally all set to go and we headed out to the Crooked Trees.

It took us about an hour to drive to the trees, which are close to the town of Hafford, Saskatchewan.  It is a small grove of aspen trees that are all bendy – you know –  crooked – lol 🙂

There are a lot of theories on why they are so crooked – the most likely cause is that it is genetic, but we like the theory that it is paranormal, most likely caused by aliens…..that’s much more interesting, don’t you think?  We had fun walking the boardwalk here and checking it out.  Very interesting stop on our road trip!

After our visit to the crooked trees, we did a quick stop in Battleford.  Many things were closed for the season, including Fort Battleford, a historic site, and the museums.  We stopped for a few photos and Kim said this is a place we need to come back to, when we have more time to explore!

Time to head back to town and meet up with our buddies at the Whitecap Dog Park.  We walk with this pack almost every day and we love it!  Here are a few of our furry friends! These are just some of our friends, there are over 12 of us most days!

Well folks!  Thank you for joining us on our adventures.  It’s been great exploring in our own backyard!  You just never know what you are going to see.  Especially the way Kim travels – she uses a GPS and we always go down some off-beaten paths.  That’s all part of the adventures….at least that’s what she says.  You know how they say “Those who wander are not lost” – well Kim is lost sometimes. lol 🙂

Later!  Teddy

Wandering in Saskatchewan – Road Trip!

Howdy folks!  Well, as you can see our person Kim is back in Saskatchewan!  And…..while she was on her solo trip in the Maritimes she said she had an Ah-ha! moment (all Oprah-esc, isn’t it?!?  lol). She said that she hasn’t really explored her own province and it’s time to do some good old wandering and explore new places.  Surely they have cinnamon buns and great coffee too?

So – check it out – this is our adventure today.  As you can see I”m her co-pilot navigator – Frazier and Levi are in the back seat – I like to look out the window and stand on the console.  Don’t worry everyone – Kim wasn’t driving – we were parked when she took these photos.

But, first things first folks……Kim said we have to find  coffee for the road and a cinnamon bun (oh boy!).  She tried a couple of places first, but I think people in Saskatoon love their coffee!  She couldn’t find a place to park and run in…….but after the 3rd try – success! She stopped at City Perks, and ordered an awesome Americano and she was very excited to find an equally amazing cinnamon bun :). She said they were as good as the ones she had in New Brunswick!

So today, we were off to Elbow Saskatchewan!  The weather was awesome, so we decided to take a road trip and walk a portion of the Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail).  The trail is 6 kms in total from Tufts Bay along the shores of Lake Diefenbaker taking you to the marina and the Golf Course clubhouse.  We had the trail all to ourselves! :). Don’t tell anyone we were off -leash – I think we broke the rules!


After our walk, we took a quick tour around the town of Elbow.  This is a place Kim said we definitely need to come back to – she spotted an art gallery, a museum and an ice cream place.  Sounds like this town checks all her travel boxes!

Well folks, that’s a wrap for today.  We did also spot this old century farmhouse on the side of the road, and you know Kim, she always has her camera on her… this was pretty cool.

Kim said we are going to head out early tomorrow to see some crooked trees?  The reason for starting early?  Finding a parking spot  for more cinnamon buns.  Heaven help us!

Later folks!

Nova Scotia – North Shore to South Shore

Well folks, the Maritime trip has officially come to an end!  But not before Kim spent a couple of days on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, using Wolfville as her base, and then a couple of days on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, staying in Mahone Bay.   Although the weather was pretty windy and rainy, Kim made the most of it!.

She loved all parts of Nova Scotia, and here are just a few of the highlights!

Let’s start with the North Shore.  Kim made her way from Halifax and drove all the way out to Digby, Nova Scotia.   On the way there, she stopped in the town of Annapolis Royal.

Annapolis Royal is steeped in history.  It evolved from the 1605 French settlement of Port Royal and was renamed in honour of Queen Anne following the Siege of Port Royal  The town was the capital of Acadia and later Nova Scotia for almost 150 years.  While the historic site of Fort Anne was closed for the season, Kim still took the time to wander the site as well as take in the self-guided walking tour of the historical buildings.  She also visited the historical gardens.   Here are a few of the beautiful spots she saw.

After wandering the town, Kim made her way to the town of Digby. – to partake in their famous Digby Scallops.  She stopped in at the restaurant Crowsnest, for scallops 3 ways – 3 ways delicious!  Deep Fried, Pan Fried, and Bacon Wrapped 🙂

This was a pretty windy and rainy day…….so Kim headed to Wolfville where she was staying for two nights.  The sun started to “peek out”  – time to head to Hall’s Harbour , about 30 minutes away, to check out low tide.  While there, Kim stopped in for lobster dinner at the Lobster Pound.  She heard the lobsters from the Bay of Fundy were the best ones!  She tried them out – and she said it’s true!  They were out of medium lobsters so they gave her a large for a medium charge.  Really folks?!?  Shouldn’t I have been there to help her finish off that lobster – I love fish!

The next day, I think Kim figured she had better burn off some of that food she ate!  Lol :). Time to head 30 minutes out of Wolfville to hike Cape Split.  This was a 12 kilometre hike – 6 kms in, and 6 kms right back.  Her “ticker” was glad that it was mostly flat, with little elevation gain.  The hike was mostly in the trees, but she said it was beautiful with all the fall colours.  The reward was at the end……steep cliffs.  Kim said this is no place to take selfies – haha!  She found a kindred spirit to take her picture.  It took her about 3 hours in total to finish this hike – she said it deserves paws up!

The next day Kim was off to the South Shore.  She was a bit nervous about the drive, because there was a massive rainfall warning.  That darn Hurricane Michael was to bring 40 mms of rain to Nova Scotia.  Kim decided to drive early in the day, to try to beat the rain.

First stop…..she drove to the town of Birchwood to visit the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre.  She spent about 2 hours touring the centre, which is dedicated to telling the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa, in the late 18th century in Nova Scotia.  This was an incredibly interesting centre, and Kim gives it thumbs up!

While on the South Shore, Kim also visited the Unesco town of Lunenberg.  She visited the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, learning about the history of the fishing industry (and the importance of the cod) and she also took in a walking tour, which expanded upon the history of this town.  Lunenberg was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1995.  This designation will ensure the protection of it’s architecture – it is the best example of a planned British colonial settlement in Canada.   It’s a beautiful site, very historical. And she did some shopping “damage” there.  There are a lot of great galleries and artisan shops.

And of course, no trip to Nova Scotia would be complete without a visit to Peggy’s Cove.  Kim said it was cold and windy here – but that meant that the waves crashing in were spectacular.  You can’t control the weather folks, but you can control the appreciation for the power of Mother Nature!  And….different weather means pretty cool photographs – wouldn’t you agree?

Well folks……That’s the end of Kim’s 3 week solo trip.   She said she is so grateful for the opportunity to visit our Maritime provinces.  She met so many wonderful people along her trip and loved travelling on her own.

But……..she also is very grateful to be home.  John picked her up at the airport today and they came straight by to Marge’s to come and get us!  We loved our time with Marge – she took such great care of us, walking us every day and making as look all handsome – baths and all!

We are all back home again and have already gone for our daily walks – we are one big happy family.    Thanks for sharing our adventures with us!  Where to next?  Time will tell……

Triple threat at the Golden Hour