Touring the island , from Point Prim to cavendish

Well folks, time to head back to Charlottetown for the evening. Kim and John’s trip is coming to an end….they fly out tomorrow.

But, before they do, they still have two full days to explore! And… more seafood…they still love it. And, I know why…it’s delicious!

So, they hopped in their car and headed south to start with. They headed to the Point Prim lighthouse…..but stopped first for lunch at the restaurant nearby. They had good timing on their trip to PEI. It’s shoulder season and things are going to start closing up in two days. Good news is….they didn’t need reservations for restaurants that are really busy in the summer!

Lunch spot. Point prim

Next stops…..the beaches on the north shore…in PEI National Park and the red beach of Cavendish

And, of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a stop to the Blue Mussel Cafe in Rustico. Kim went here last year and said their seafood chowder was the best! So, they had to try it out. John said it was awesome!

Mussels to start…they are harvested in the water right by the restaurant…fresh!
Kim had the tuna special. She shared
John had the seafood chowder poutine
Fresh blueberry pie for dessert!

That’s it for today! They have one more day to explore PEI. They keep saying we should move here….paws up for my vote! I could have fish everyday!

Later! teddy❤️

Biking the Confederation Trail

Hi folks! Today Kim and John took out the bikes and headed to the town of Montague on the Confederation Trail. This trail covers a lot of the island, and was the old train tracks. They said it was awesome! Beautiful 24 km ride, flat all the way and the fall colours were starting to peek out. The weather was perfect!

They stopped for a flight of coffee in town before heading back to Cardigan. Their favourite? Americano of course!

Next….dinner in Georgetown at the Wheelhouse….delicious!

Seafood chowder
Lobster roll
Oreo cheesecake with fresh blueberries

And, the night wouldn’t be complete without a concert at the local hall. Amazing talent!

Have an awesome day! Teddy 🐶

Points East Coastal Drive Prince Edward Island

Howdy folks! Well, Kim and John are moving on from Fortune Bay. Before they left the Inn, a nice lady helped them mark their route for today. They are going to take in some sites along the points east coastal drive. There are a few driving routes along PEI, and this was a new one for Kim. Last year when she was in PEI for a couple of days, she did the North Shore.

Good news is the rain stopped! So they headed out to their first stop, Greenwich National Park. It was recommended that they walk the Greenwich Dunes Hike, and they said it was awesome! It took them through the forest, and sand dunes. It also had a floating boardwalk and at the end of the trail they were at a beautiful beach. They took their time here, and enjoyed every minute.

Next stop on their route was North Line Harbour, the tuna capital of the world. In order to ensure sustainability, fisherman can only get one tag per year, and they catch with a hook.  One man, one boat, one rod, one reel, one hook, one fish.

While at the dock, they saw 2 tuna catches….one was already being cut up, while the other was just brought in…bring me some home please 😉

More scenes from the Harbour, this was a cool experience!

Onwards to the east point lighthouse

And….to Basin Head Beach. This beach is rated number one in Canada and is a singing beach. Kim said there was no singing for them today…..the sand was wet from the rain. It usually makes a kind of squeaking noise when you walk on it….they still enjoyed a short walk on the beach.

Their last stop of the day was The town of Souris, where they stopped at the Artisans on Main, and a homemade ice cream shop called Cherry on Top. Kim had the peach blueberry sorbet and John had Carmel Crunch. Both delicious!

And, they picked up some food to go at the lobster shack…lobster rolls….

Final destination today was the village of Cardigan and their air B and B. Boy, Kim and John said this is their best air B and B yet….big, new and with spectacular views. They also have bikes and kayaks to use. They sure hope the weather is good so they can bike a part of the confederation trail. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for now folks! Hugs!

Fireworks in PEI

Well folks, today was a rainy day in Prince Edward Island, so this turned into a driving day, with Kim and John planning indoor activities. They went their separate ways from Kim’s folks, and planned to meet them later on at the Inn at Fortune Bay….they were going to stay there for the night and also have dinner. This inn is run by celebrity chef, Chef Michael Smith…more about that later.

Kim and John headed south to the town of Victoria, which was recommended by a local that they met on the flight over. There were a few small artisan shops here…many of which were closed as it was the end of the season. They stopped for lunch at the Lobster Pub and Eatery. They shared a delicious lobster chowder and lobster roll. They both thought this was their best meal yet. All made from scratch. After lunch the toured the small Main Street.

Homemade lobster roll

Johns first lobster roll

Old home in Victoria

Home in Victoria

Next stop….a look out for the Confederation Bridge. The bridge links PEI with New Brunswick. It is 12.9 km long, and is the worlds longest bridge over ice-covered water.

$49.75 to leave the island 😉👍

Next stop, Village Pottery….Kim just can’t travel without buying some pottery….good thing she brings an extra carry on…right folks!

Onwards to Fortune Bay, home of the Inn at Fortune Bay, owned and run by Chef Michael Smith. They stayed here for one night and took in the Fireworks Feast. It was very rainy, but that didn’t stop them from having an outdoor tour by Farmer Kevin. He took them on a tour of the gardens, and explained how they organically grow everything used in the meals. Everything is organic, and they challenge the chefs to use all of the ingredients, and not to waste anything. Everyday the menu changes, depending on what is available. He encouraged everyone to try everything, including things like edible flowers….I think everyone was up to the challenge!

Farmer Kevin. Explains how the grow for taste and texture
Organic gardens
Officially now an oyster lover…best oysters ever Fortune Bay
Ready to go!
Bread tree
Seafood chowder
Tuna done 2 ways

Oyster hour
Dessert. Sweets and treats
Every morning, the “map’ out the menu, depending on what they harvest. Changes daily
The menu for our feast
It was raining, so they improvised
The inn

Well, that’s all folks…..the family figures they have now eaten way too much……the food is amazing, but they need to slow down the pace…..stayed tuned for an update on what they do next….I think it involves less food and more outdoorsy stuff. I still think they can bring some food home for me !

Later folks!

Ted ted 😉

Prince Edward Island….Bottle houses, light houses, lobster, and kitchen party….oh my!

Howdy folks! Well, they are at it again….no moss grows under my peoples’ feet 😉👍🐶……this was a full day that started out with a great breakfast at Leonhard’s restaurant. They love where they are staying…everything is a quick walk. After having their breakfast, they headed out on a road trip.

Now the road trip didn’t go quite as planned……they wanted to drive the north coastal Shore….but that darn GPS took them on a different path. Oh well….what do you do but make the most of it! They did find some of the highlights of the route though…..

First stop…..the bottle houses. The brochure says “25,000 bottles, 1500 days, One Man’s Dream” hmmmmm…..John said tourist trap, but Kim thought it was cool and a great place for pictures. 😁😎. Edouard Arsenault constructed the bottle houses in the 1970s and was a recycler before everyone else…there are 3 structures there, surrounded by gardens…Next stop…… the MacAusland Woolen Mills in Bloomfield. Kim had seen their blankets last year and wished she would have bought one…so this year she did! They went direct to their factory, which is still family owned since 1932. When they walked in, she was surprised, because they walked right on to the factory floor. Then, up some creaky, wooden steps to the retail space….fun!

Walked right onto the factory floor, cool experience
Kim with her blanket….better price than the stores folks!

Okay, now that she has her wool blanket, it’s time to hit the road! This time they headed to the West Point Lighthouse and Museum. This is PEIs tallest and one of the most unique lighthouses. It was built in 1875 and was manned until 1963…there were 2 light keepers originally, but now it is electronic. Kim, John, and Linda climbed to the top. The inside of the lighthouse is a museum, and the stairs were pretty steep, but they did it!

Posing with their “lighthouse lovers” certificates
Done the trek to the top
At the top

West Point Lighthouse
Red beach

Well folks, the day was getting late and they had to make their way to New Glasgow for the lobster supper……so they only had time for a quick stop at the Great Canadian Soap Company. They make soap from goat milk. Kim stopped here last year and brought some home for her mom Linda… she wanted to show Linda the shop and they wanted to buy a few things. John, of course, wanted to see the goats. Kim said this goat reminded her of Levi, because he loved ear rubs and scratches

No….you can’t take him home. Lol

He looks like the goat version of Levi

Okay, time for supper…..they are eating a lot! Off to New Glasgow for lobster supper…now this is an experience they say you should do in PEI! It looks like a big town hall…all you can eat chowder, buns, mussels, and then you get your main meal , and dessert. Yikes! Kim, John and Eldon ordered lobster and Linda had scallops.

Now, John doesn’t usually like lobster, but he said his was really good, because it was fresh….you don’t get that in Saskatchewan! Somehow they managed to eat it all! Still jealous…..

Have to have a bib!
Show me your mussels!
2 pound lobsters have big claws

Delicious! Time to rush out and head to a kitchen party! This was a highlight and they say you have to go if you are here! A kitchen party is also known as a Ceilidh….music influenced by Scottish, Irish, and Acadian roots. They went to The Ross Family Ceilidh in Clinton. A fiddle, a piano, and a guitar. It was a 2.5 hour show and was so much fun! The family was so talented….they also did step dancing. It was a small crowd in a great setting…..everyone had a great time, clapping along to the upbeat music…..go here folks!

That’s another action packed day! I think there is another food event tomorrow….and maybe some more shopping….surprise, surprise!

Teddy- out…..make today an awesome one. Hugs 🤗

Visiting Beautiful Prince Edward Island

Howdy folks!  It’s been a long time since we’ve had something to blog about – but here we go again!  Kim and John are off visiting beautiful PEI.  Kim loved it so much last year when she travelled on her own….. she said 2 days just wasn’t enough.  So this year, Kim and John are going to visit for a week.  Kim’s Mom and Dad are going for a few days too!

They all arrived late Sunday and after settling in to their Air B & B’s in Old Charlottetown, they walked to the Water Prince Restaurant.  Kim was glad that they were able to go here, because she didn’t have time last year.  They settled outside on a picnic bench and ordered their food.  And it was delicious!  I am so jealous because my favourite food is fish and seafood.  Kim and her mom Linda had a bowl of seafood chowder and the scallop dinner.  John and Eldon had a bowl of seafood chowder and the mussels.  John had strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert – of course!  I’m drooling 🙂

The next day Kim and her mom went for coffee at Receivers coffee, just a couple of blocks away and planned out their day. They took off on a road trip to the 70 mile yard sale, out by wood island. They said it was a nice drive, but they didn’t find any treasures….so that was a bit of a bust! They got back, picked up John and dad and headed to the shellfish festival.

They had tickets to “eat the raw bar dry” …..all you can eat oysters on the half shell. They figured out that they needed to eat 20 to get their moneys worth. I think they ate 30 each! John doesn’t usually like oysters….crazy guy! But they were fresh and he said they were delicious. Linda doesn’t like oysters, but she stood in line and filled up her bowl to give to the others….. check it out!

Shellfish festival
Oysters on the half shell

They also saw a few interesting things and people during their afternoon ……. a potato, a politician and a celebrity Chef……all within an hour…..Kim was contemplating who she would vote for. Lol

PEI potato
Andrew Scheer. Conservative party leader
Celebrity chef Michael Smith, Andrew Scheer and his wife
Chef Smith

On the way back to their place, Kim and John stopped by the farmers market….

Kim thought this was funny 😉 did you know a flock of crows is called a murder? I didn’t….learn something new everyday
John loves goats….almost as much as us … 😉

And, to top off their evening, they went to an awesome foodie event. It was a big hit with everyone! Part of the reason Kim planned to come to PEI in September is because their Fall Food Festival is on….she went last year and loved it!

So, this year, they all got tickets to the event in New London…with celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes and Friends…..everyone said it is 5 stars! The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful and Chuck was a cool guy 😎. Only 50 people, so they really got to meet others there, and the hosts. Highly recommended folks! Check it out

Our host Chuck Hughes
Photo bomb
Amazing entertainment
The venue
Appetizer stations were outdoors
Conducting with a bannock stick. Lol
The menu. Delicious!


Well folks , that’s it for their first day! Pretty busy and fun filled….I still hope they bring me back some fish!

Have a pawsome day! Teddy

Resident Blogger and cuddler

Last day in Portugal…kayaking and 4×4’ing

Well folks, this is Kim’s last day in Portugal and the last day of her epic vacation.  She’s had an amazing time and is filling her last day with a kayaking and 4 x 4 Jeep excursion!

This time they were picked up at the hotel and taken to the marina,  where they waited for other people.  There were about 20 people along for the boat ride out to the ocean, where they kayaked.  Kim and Dawn shared a kayak and Jane was solo.   They loved this part of the tour, and their vacation.  The cliffs were amazing, and they loved the peacefulness of this trip as they paddled along the coast, through a cave to a small beach.  They spent about 20 minutes here, before they headed back to the marina in the kayaks.  This excursion wasn’t without its mishaps ;).  Two of the kayaks capsized.   Kim was a bit worried that it might happen to them…..more worried about her iPhone, lol.   But all went well, and they had a great time!

Next part of their tour…the 4 x 4.    Their driver was crazy!  Going so fast down the streets.  This time they saw a different part of southern Portugal, winding through different towns and through the countryside.  They stopped at a small bakery where they sampled the typical Portuguese pastry called Pastel de nato and a fig “bomb”.  They also tasted the almond liquor, and purchased a couple of small bottles to take back.  The next stop was at a farm where they tasted fire water…liquor made of berries local to Portugal and a fig liquor.   Not Kim’s favorite….she preferred the amaretto liquor….she also prefers wine and port!

This trip also had its mishaps….flat tire!   Well, this wasn’t the first time….their guide was pretty skilled at changing it!   He took time at the farm to make the change, while the gals visited the lady’s dog and bird….and bought some honey.

On this trip, they were rewarded with some off roading through the countryside to see acres of orange groves, cork trees, and wild herbs…thyme and curry.

Well folks, that’s the day…they ended the evening at a great local Portuguese restaurant the guide suggested to them, called O Lusitano.  Kim gives it paws up! She had the special – pork, cauliflower gratin, and tomato.  They shared Portuguese bread, olives and potatoes.  And, Kim had port and goat cheese pudding for dessert.  Sounds like a yummy end to the day.


Well folks, that’s the end of her epic vacation.  Kim has to take time to absorb her time travelling to come up with her top 10 list.  But, she says it might not happen….how do you narrow down all those great experiences into so small a list?  She is so grateful for the experience!  

She’s on her way home, and is looking forward to seeing in all of us!  We can’t wait.

Always be pawsitive and seek out adventures!  Isn’t the world an amazing place?

Hugs 🤗 Teddy 😘