Whoa – these Hiking Chicks are AMAZING!

Hi everyone!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and lots has happened :). Kim and John both had their individual adventures last weekend – John went to race motorbikes in Edmonton and Kim went on her annual girl’s hiking trip – this year they went to Canmore!  Frazier, Levi and I stayed at our friend Marge’s where we had a great time, and all got “beautiful” – baths and grooming for us.

Kim had a great time with the Hiking Chicks! For the last few years, Kim and her friends have met up in the Rocky Mountains for a hiking adventure and this year was no different!  Well….it was a bit different, because Kim couldn’t do the hiking this year, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time :).   The “hiking chicks” is now a group of 5 – and they are an amazing group of ladies – strong, resilient, funny, awesome and modest (at least that’s what Kim tells me :)).

Kim had an amazing time – great conversations – filled with lots of laughter (there was something called the game of Things….I”m sworn to secrecy on their answers), great food, great conversations – just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s to the hiking chicks!  And some great memories…..

They are fierce:

They don’t forget the beer at the top (Bern – Kim thanks you for the cheers!  Aprikat beer of course,  – Kim and your tradition from the start!)

5828270A-6915-468C-9A00-7336C393CD86And….they took time to take a spa day – I think they planned this for Kim….this might become part of their annual trip I think 🙂

E06AFFD6-A1A4-40D0-8EDD-EBE8E6483F36Kim is very thankful to have amazing friends – I think they are pretty cool too!  Rose, Bud, and no thorns :). Jane you know what that means!

And, you can’t go to Canmore without making a purchase or two.  Kim says a big Thank you Bern for the great idea to go for pottery in Field at Velvet Antler……and Kim couldn’t leave without buying the perfect pair of socks……says it all doesn’t it!

Well folks, that’s it for now.  A quick update on Kim and SCAD – she started cardio education classes and rehab at the Field House this week.  She said it has been awesome in boosting her confidence and she is going to head back to the gym next week – time for her to get moving and ready for next year’s Hiking Chicks Adventure!  She is going to be doing those darn Via Ferratas and those hikes too!  I know she will get there.  A big thank you to all the chicks – Bern, Jane and Dawn for checking in on Kim and sharing all those great adventures! And maybe some wine too :). Red wine is good for the heart!


Paws up everyone!  I wish you adventures and great times with your friends.   Hugs to the Hiking Chicks – thanks for making Kim’s weekend and being great buddies!


2 Weeks post SCAD – Stopping to smell the flowers :)

57B84A82-BF7F-4B26-91FC-68A7B8EB807FHowdy folks!  Well it has been almost 2 weeks since Kim had her heart attack – that darn SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection – that’s a mouthful)!  She may have overestimated a “tad” that she was at 100% – but she’s getting closer to it every day!  She was discharged from the hospital on June 15th, with a stack of prescriptions in her hand. She is being treated with medications – 5 in total – wow!  She bought one of those pill things that helps her organize her week :).

Kim is doing really well – and we are helping her with that!  Some of her meds make her very tired – so we help her out by taking afternoon naps with her (aren’t we helpful!).  She also needs to take it easy on her walks – making sure to take it slow, and stopping if she needs to……    So, we are teaching her the importance of stopping to smell the roses!  You know us furry kids….there are always lots of great “smells” on our walks – so she lets us stop and check out the “daily news!”.  It gives her a chance to slow down, look around and see all of the amazing things that we all sometimes miss.

So…..we really are stopping to smell the flowers. At our dog park, the wildflowers seemed to “pop” out of nowhere – beautiful!


Even Levi found that slowing down reveals some surprises…..first time he has seen some paddle boarders – he was very intrigued…….


Our favourite word over the last couple of weeks is “grateful”.   Kim is so blessed to have amazing friends and family who have supported her over the last couple of weeks – their texts, messages, visits and well wishes have been just what the doctor ordered!  We are so grateful to everyone.

Big “shout outs” to all of her friends and family including, the Hiking Chicks, The Funny Farm Girls, Kim’s Virtual Instructors (the Dream Team),  Mr. and Mrs. Hill (love you guys!) who she has know for 30 years – oh my goodness!,  and of course her Bestie Bern ( is it 15 years Bern?).  And we can’t forget all of her colleagues who she is honored to call friends.  There are so many of you, and Kim is so grateful for your friendship.  Every single one of you has been a godsend.

And….big thanks to our family – both extended and close.  Granny and Grandpa have had lots of things happen to them this year, and they sure didn’t expect this one….they are our rock (and our overprotective persons!).  And we are thankful for Kim’s sis, Janelle,  – who researched what the heck SCAD is and supported her throughout.

And…last but not least – to our other significant person – John. Without him, Kim might not have gotten help so quickly – but most of all he is the most generous guy we know…..calm in the face of scary things, always taking care of us, and always with a positive, kind word.  He’s the best!  And… he always gives us treats…….



So – big thanks and paws up to everyone!  We are enjoying every minute and having a great time!

Let’s end with a big smile and a Sheltie Selfie – that’s my goofy brother Frazier on the left and me on the right.   And there’s Kim –  we think she’s 95% and well on her way to 100%!


Teddy’s Public Service announcement. We had a scare with SCAD


Teddy, blogger 🙂


Hi folks!  Well, we had a bit of a scare this week.  Kim and John weren’t sure if I should blog about it…..but then they thought it might be something important for people to be aware of. So, here is my PSA!

On Tuesday night, Kim and John put us in the car and off we went!  Our destination was the Sutherland Beach Dog Park.  We haven’t been there for a while, and it would be Levi’s first time.

Kim said she was extremely tired as we headed out, but we were determined to go.

Off we went!  This is a great park, and we were enjoying it, when all of a sudden Kim had chest pains and her left arm went numb.  She was all bent over…..and said she just needs a minute.  She sat down on the grass, but it didn’t get better.  John said “I think you are having a heart attack and Kim said she thought she needed to go to the hospital.

So, we all got our leashes on, and Kim hobbled her way to the car.   In the car Kim said “I think I need to go home and get my health card”.  John said “ no way we are going to emergency” and off we went. We waited in the car and Kim went in with John. She said there were lots of people waiting in emergency, but the nurses got her in right away.  They started tests and gave Kim some super strong drugs (morphine) for the pain.  That was John’s a-okay to take us home……

Kim had 2 EKGs and 2 blood tests and both were normal.  It was very weird….they told her she should be able to go home,and that they don’t know what caused it, but it was probably her stomach……

But before she could go, they did a third EKG and blood test and guess what?!… they showed something wrong.   So, they kept her overnight and treated her like she had a heart attack and she was visited by the cardiologists in the morning.  What was wrong?  It was tricky because they said she had no history of cardiac problems in her family, no Illnesses and she’s pretty healthy, and she’s relatively young 😉.

Well folks, there is something called SCAD…spontaneous coronary artery dissection.  Kim fits the bill….mostly affects women in their 40s and 50s, no history, healthy…..

Here is a link with more information:







While it was scary, Kim said there are many things to be grateful for!

*the stars were aligned….John was with her, they acted quickly and John rushed her to the hospital and…didn’t let her go home for her health card

*they recognized early that it was a heart issue….especially with the numb left arm

*thanks to awareness ads by the Heart and Stroke foundation, Kim was aware that women also have heart attacks, and many times ignore the symptoms

*the doctors completed 3 tests…..the third test was the one that showed something was wrong with her heart

*we were so lucky this happened close to town, and not when they were out of the country or hiking in the mountains!

*big thank you to our friends and family for support

*and…SCAD is not heart disease…it is treated with meds and most likely will not happen again…thank goodness

So folks…enjoy every moment….kiss your family and friends and hold them tight.  Life is good, breathe deeply and be thankful, I know we are!

Update :  Kim just saw her doctor….she will be out tomorrow!  They are only waiting on tests and the doctor said it’s easier if she stays a day to get the test done…..much faster than outpatient.  She can go back to regular (not strenuous) activities right away….so we get to go back to our daily walks!  Ain’t life grand!  We are back to normal 😜😉👍


A big thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and staff at Royal University Hospital! They took great care of Kim and deserve a big paws up!

Our first photo at the Garden of the Gods – in awe!

YXE, You Scream, We Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream


Howdy folks!  One of our favorite things to do in the summer in Saskatoon is to go for ice cream! Kim thought we would post after we visited a bunch of spots in Saskatoon, but we just couldn’t wait to share, so we will share as we go!

If we are honest, I think Kim and John say that it’s the furry kids that 💗 love  ice cream……but they 💕 it too!

First stop…the iconic Dairy Queen on 8th Street!

We love this place!  We get to walk up to the counter with Kim and John to order the treats.  Kim always gets a hot fudge sundae and John usually gets a pecan mudslide.  After they get their order, we go across the street and find a spot on the grass.  We wait patiently, and then they share the vanilla ice cream with us…delicious!  We are very good at taking our turns.  We also love that folks give us lots of attention …..pets and Smiles!

Our next stop… the Ice Cream Scoop at the Avalon Shopping Mall on Broadway.

The Ice Cream  Scoop is open everyday from 3-8 pm.  Kim loves this place because they have hard ice Cream!  She usually gets peanut butter cup or cookie dough.  Last time John got a sundae.  He also really likes their ice cream sandwich!  Fresh baked cookies, with your choice of ice cream!

Frazier, Levi and I  love that it is pet friendly and they give free pup cones!  That’s me, enjoying my vanilla cone!  They are so friendly here..  and bonus – Kim and John take us to the Avalon dog park after we get ice cream…..life is good….


Have a pawsome day everybody!


Triple threat at the Golden Hour


Chillin’ in Toon Town – We’re back!

IMG_0054Howdy folks!  It seems like we’ve been on hiatus for the past few weeks :). Time for an update!

Kim and John had a great time travelling and have been back for a few weeks now.  We had a great time at our friend Marge’s – she takes great care of us.

As soon as Kim got back, she got bit by that darn travelling bug and has booked a trip to Morocco in September. She is very excited to go with Intrepid Tours again and she will be also visiting Amsterdam on a “layover”.  She might be doing this one on her own…..John might have to work.  She is very adventurous!

In the meantime, we are happy that Kim and John are back – that means more time with us!  We have been very lucky – with Kim having time off, we get to go to our favorite off-leash park in Saskatoon.  It’s between Riverside and Saskatoon Golf and Country clubs – Whitecap Park.  Kim takes us twice a day, and sometimes we meet up with our other friends and their “persons” Carol and Mary.

Here are a few pictures – isn’t it an awesome place!  Next week we are going to go Rving!  Time to explore our province and see some new places.


We are enjoying Kim’s gap year!  She started volunteering at the International Women of Saskatoon and is having a lot of fun.  She is assisting with English as an Additional Language and will be helping with some youth programs in the summer.  She also has “punk” Levi enrolled in agility.  He had a great time yesterday going over the A-frame and dog walk.  He’s a real smarty pants!

We are looking forward to going camping and this week we have some of our family in town…..so we will be busy visiting.

We are so grateful for friends, family and experiences.  Have a paws up day everyone!  Talk soon:).

Tạm biệt Vietnam 🇻🇳 🐾


Well folks, time to say Tạm biệt (goodbye) to Vietnam.   On their last day in Ho Chi Minh City,  Kim and John explored the Chu Chi tunnels with Urban Adventures tours. ****check out the video on our Instagram ….you can find it on the menu here…..John went down the narrow tunnel!***

The tunnels are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels that are part of a much larger network In Vietnam.

The tunnels were used by Viet Cong soldiers as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the Viet Cong in their resistance to American forces, and helped to counter the growing American military effort.

John and Kim were able to go into part of the tunnels.  They are extremely small and narrow….and this is after they widened them for tourists!  It is hard to believe that people lived underground for 20 years. They really enjoyed this tour as they learned more about the war and what the people were willing to do to have their independence.  The people were very resourceful, recycling American bombs, tires and scraps into traps and their own weapons. No matter how you look at it, war is hard and there are no winners.



Prior to the tunnels, as part of the tour, the group stopped at a family home and watched a demonstration of how to make crispy rice cakes….this is not Kim and John’s first rodeo!  Lol, I think they are getting good at this! The owner also had an enormous pet pig that loved to get attention and food.   She started grunting as soon as they got there!



Back to Ho Chi Minh City….in the evening Kim and John went to a cultural show at the opera house, which was awesome! Then, they found a local craft beer pub, where Kim had a flight of beers….she gives it two thumbs up!  Three of the samples were passionfruit, dragonfruit and jasmine.

Cheers!  Or as they say in Vietnam…một, hai, ba, vô!



The night before their final day, they enjoyed a parting beverage with their tour group.  They went to the Eon Heli Bar…..52 floors up!



And folks, we can’t end this post without a food picture….this was the last thing Kim had inVietnam…right across the street from their hotel.  Coconut ice cream at Ca-Rem.   Kim thought it was good, and interesting…..they had sticky rice and corn niblets as add ons…..

746052D6-02BC-4F45-B9DC-53BD9F7B3D69That’s all for now….Kim and John are making their way from Vietnam via -Hong Kong-Vancouver-Calgary-Saskatoon….sounds exhausting!

Have a pawsome day! 🐾 🐶

From Chaos to Quiet….Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta





Well folks, it’s sad for Kim and John, but true….they are coming to the end of their Intrepid tour of Vietnam….but not before they have a few more adventures.  They are having a great time, but are also looking forward to coming home and picking up their furry kids!  That’s us!

Here’s the latest update from them!  After their amazing time in Hoi An, they hopped on a short one hour flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).   And, they thought Hanoi was busy!  Saigon has over 13 Million people, and they all seem to have motorbikes.  It’s a busy city that tests your patience and courage, which you need just to cross the street! Kim and John felt like they were playing the video game “frogger” remember that one from the ‘80’s?  They made it in one piece! At least they didn’t go…splat!

When they first arrived, their guide Hue took everyone to see a few sites in the city.  They saw the Notre dame cathedral and the post office.

Kim and John both agreed that the most impactful visit they had was of the War Remnants Museum,  which was all  about the Vietnam/American war.   It had many artifacts and photographs of the war.  It also had photos of the next generations that were affected by chemical warfare.  It was very sad and Kim said she learned a lot.  Many citizens, over 3 million were harmed and killed in this war.  A lesson to be learned by all of us.

The group then had a bit of free time before they headed to the Cooking school “Grain” for their final lesson.  Kim and John loved all the schools-this one was their favorite of the three.

The cooking classes at Grain are designed and coordinated by Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen. Four-course menus change regularly to reflect seasonal produce.  Kim and John made pumpkin flowers stuffed with prawn and dill, chicken and cabbage salads with jellyfish, and marinated sea bass with a green mango salad…..for dessert, cocount creme caramel with fresh fruit…..aren’t your mouths watering?  I know mine is!  🐾


The next morning they left the hectic pace of the big city and headed out to the Mekong delta.  After a 2 1/2 hour road trip, they took a Samoan boat for about 30 minutes to the delta.  They visited an eco bee farm where they sampled the honey and had tea and toured a coconut farm to learn how to made coconut candy and goods from the coconut fibers…..they bought some honey to bring home 🙂



Next up….they took tuk tuks, Vietnamese style to their delicious lunch and then on to their home stay.  Beautiful flowers, scenery and way of life




The fruit and produce in the delta is amazing!  Kim and John tried jackfruit, apple custard, and the dreaded, stinky Durian…..which John didn’t like, but Kim did….she said it tasted like custard…..once you get past the smell!


They loved this visit to the delta…it was too short.  They would have loved to have seen more of the natural settings and the animals…..good reason to go back to Vietnam I think 🙂

Until next time…have a paws up day folks!