Teddy…..loved and missed August 2020

I’ll be 9 years old in May 2018 and have lived with my people for 7 years. Don’t I look like a teddy bear?

Don’t like my looks deceive you – I’m also full of piss and vinegar! I love my 3 favourite people in this world – Kim, Linda and Marge. I’m not a big fan of guys – just gals 😉

I have anxiety sometimes – things scare me, so I like to keep close to my person, Kim. But I’m game to try things – so this year will be fun and scary.

I love car rides and will stand in between my people and give them kisses – my person John really likes this – because it’s the only time I get close to him. I like to bark at him and tell him who is boss in our house!

My favourites – fish – oh my goodness, I love fish!

Stay tuned for our adventures – I’ll share the real deal with you!