Teddy Tales

Hi everyone,

My name is Teddy and I’m going to share my tales for our family’s upcoming GAP Year. Actually, it’s my person Kim’s gap year – she said to be careful what you ask of the universe because it just might come true! She asked for time off working and said if it happened she’d put me and my two sheltie buddies into a travel trailer and we would “hit the road”!

Two years later – guess what – it happened! My person, Kim has a GAP year ahead and we don’t know what will be in store – but I’m going to write about it!

So, a bit about me:

*I’m a Sheltie – which means I’m extremely cute – but don’t get fooled – I have a devilish side.
*I have 2 Sheltie buddies at home – my brother Frazier (we are both 9 years old) and my newest buddy Levi (he’s 18 months and we call him “punk”)
*I’m very particular about my “people” and I have 3 favourites in this world – my person Kim, my granny Linda and my friend Marge (who I stay with when Kim travels with her person John)
*I love to go for long walks and car rides and love, love, love Sardines
*I have lots of nicknames – Ted- Ted, Teddy Toes, Care Bear….
*Lots of things scare me – and I like to hide behind my person – so this year will be an adventure for me too

I’ll introduce you to my buddies as we explore the world together – or at least some of the world. (check the menu for their bios and pictures!)

“If I can do it, you can too!” Let the adventures begin!

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