On the road in Morocco….Meknès, Volubilis, and Fes

Hi folks! No moss grows under Kim and Bern’s feet, or their Intrepid group. They are really enjoying their group of new found friends and the tour….they said it’s a lot of fun but very busy!


They stayed overnight in Meknès and headed out with their group at 9:00am. They had a local guide take them for a three hour tour of Meknès. Meknès is known for its imperial past with remanants including the Bab Mansour, a huge gate with arches and mosaic tiling….this led into the ancient city, the Medina. Kim and Bern saw this and a lot more!

They saw the city sites, the Medina, a masoleum, and stopped for lunch…..lunch was a camel burger 🍔. Kim said it was delicious! They had the burger in a local family home in the Medina. A Medina is a walled city with many narrow passageways, lined with small shops.

Next stop was Volubilis, a partially excavated Berber city that was developed in the 3rd century BC. It grew rapidly under Roman rule, and fell to local tribes in 285. It was inhabitants for 700 years but was abandoned by the 11th century. The ruins were devastated by an earthquake in the mid 18th century

The group had a guide for this tour and it was very interesting. The ruins and landscape were beautiful

Another hour and a half and they arrived in Fez. They will stay in fez for two nights. Tonight they found a “speakeasy”. Lol….to get a drink in Morocco, you need to google it…and the place was dark….it looked closed, but they went in and had a good time….they felt like they were incognito…..


Last but not least….a great local restaurant where Kim had couscous…..and the server had the longest mint tea pour yet….paws up to him!

That’s it for now folks! We are still in Saskatoon …..getting beautified at our friend Marge’s!


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