Gorgeous Granada…touring the Alhambra

Well folks, Kim ventured off on her own today with a bus and guided tour to the city of Granada.  It was an early start….at the bus stop for 7:00 am.  Good news…less people, and Kim was one of the midway pickups, so less waiting time on the bus.

Kim’s destination  today was the city of Granada and a tour of the Alhambra Complex.  This is a tour that you should try to book in advance, because you need tickets to get in, and they sell out fast! Kim loves learning the history about this place.

The Alhambra was the last Moorish stronghold in Europe.  This was the Nazarenes (Soanish Muslims) grand palace, filled with ornate stucco, plaster stalactites, colours, scalloped windows and amazing lush gardens.  Kim was amazed at how beautiful it was.  She had an amazing tour guide, who brought the place to life.

Here are just a few pictures of the gardens

There are also many palaces within the Alhambra.  The buildings are very intricate.

Kim also enjoyed the palace of the lions.  A couple of unique things included murals in the ceiling of humans and animals…and stained glass.  This was not typically used in Muslim art, and was added by Christians


After this amazing experience, the group was given free time to explore Granada….Kim might have got a bit lost in Granada, but it’s all part of the experience …isn’t it?

Well, that’s another great day in Spain.  Kim said to give Granada a big paws up!  She highly recommends the Alhambra tour if you make it to Spain.,

Have a pawsome day everyone!  💕 Teddy


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