Last day in Portugal…kayaking and 4×4’ing

Well folks, this is Kim’s last day in Portugal and the last day of her epic vacation.  She’s had an amazing time and is filling her last day with a kayaking and 4 x 4 Jeep excursion!

This time they were picked up at the hotel and taken to the marina,  where they waited for other people.  There were about 20 people along for the boat ride out to the ocean, where they kayaked.  Kim and Dawn shared a kayak and Jane was solo.   They loved this part of the tour, and their vacation.  The cliffs were amazing, and they loved the peacefulness of this trip as they paddled along the coast, through a cave to a small beach.  They spent about 20 minutes here, before they headed back to the marina in the kayaks.  This excursion wasn’t without its mishaps ;).  Two of the kayaks capsized.   Kim was a bit worried that it might happen to them…..more worried about her iPhone, lol.   But all went well, and they had a great time!

Next part of their tour…the 4 x 4.    Their driver was crazy!  Going so fast down the streets.  This time they saw a different part of southern Portugal, winding through different towns and through the countryside.  They stopped at a small bakery where they sampled the typical Portuguese pastry called Pastel de nato and a fig “bomb”.  They also tasted the almond liquor, and purchased a couple of small bottles to take back.  The next stop was at a farm where they tasted fire water…liquor made of berries local to Portugal and a fig liquor.   Not Kim’s favorite….she preferred the amaretto liquor….she also prefers wine and port!

This trip also had its mishaps….flat tire!   Well, this wasn’t the first time….their guide was pretty skilled at changing it!   He took time at the farm to make the change, while the gals visited the lady’s dog and bird….and bought some honey.

On this trip, they were rewarded with some off roading through the countryside to see acres of orange groves, cork trees, and wild herbs…thyme and curry.

Well folks, that’s the day…they ended the evening at a great local Portuguese restaurant the guide suggested to them, called O Lusitano.  Kim gives it paws up! She had the special – pork, cauliflower gratin, and tomato.  They shared Portuguese bread, olives and potatoes.  And, Kim had port and goat cheese pudding for dessert.  Sounds like a yummy end to the day.


Well folks, that’s the end of her epic vacation.  Kim has to take time to absorb her time travelling to come up with her top 10 list.  But, she says it might not happen….how do you narrow down all those great experiences into so small a list?  She is so grateful for the experience!  

She’s on her way home, and is looking forward to seeing in all of us!  We can’t wait.

Always be pawsitive and seek out adventures!  Isn’t the world an amazing place?

Hugs 🤗 Teddy 😘 


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