Wild Wild West! Amazing Arizona

We made it to Arizona!  This was a fun road trip.  Arizona was a surprise to us…..during the day we went up hills, down hills….saw the desert, saw snow…..red rocks, cliffs, forests…. everywhere we looked, we saw something different.  Amazing Arizona!

We left Hurricane, Utah around 11:00 in the morning after our morning walks, and treats from our favourite guy that worked at the RV park! (The treats were really, really good – so good, I took one from a guy – look at me go!).  We packed up and headed to Williams, Arizona.  Williams is the “gateway” to the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park and an important town on the infamous “Route 66”.  Stay tuned – that is our goal for today to check out some of Route 66 – and get our kicks! 🙂

We decided to take Highway 89 and we are sure glad we did!  There was so much to see.

Just a few things we saw:   Vermillion cliffs, Kaibab National Forest, and the Navajo Bridge.  The Bridge was very cool – an engineering feat in the 1920s.


There are many things to be grateful for –  sometimes it’s the small things and the conversations you have that make the biggest difference. Here’s something that happened today…..

Kim’s good friend Carol (from Calgary ) always likes to stop at small town stores to see what they have on their shelves – there are always some treasures.  So, when we stopped at a gas station in Fredonia, Arizona, Kim thought of you Carol!  Here it is…….

Fredonia, Arizona


So….here’s what happened **Caution – may not be suitable for all readers***. 😉

Kim went into the store and found something that made her “laugh out loud” and she thought – that’s the best thing I’ve seen today, and had to buy it.

It was $6.00 and she took it to the counter to pay.  A very nice lady was chatting with her and rang up her total – with tax it came to $6.66. OMG – LOL.  The lady said, that’s the second time I’ve had that total come up – maybe I should change the price to $6.01 before tax……  Then when she gave Kim change she said “here is some cents you can use – I think she really meant “sense”.  :).  Kim and the lady had a good chuckle.

Here’s what she bought – what do you think Carol – good purchase?

Gas store purchase 🙂

Always take time to have a good laugh!  Life it too short and too awesome to let these moments pass by.

Later folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you a day of belly laughs and nothing but things that deserve “paws up”

Happy Easter!IMG_0300


4 thoughts on “Wild Wild West! Amazing Arizona”

  1. happy easter to you all too–sounds like lovely trip–I want a lil Barbie kitchen too– like we had bk in 01–02-
    that sign CANNOT be left– too cute– and 666 is good–route 66 not that far away–devil isn’t always bad either–guess that can depend whose side he is on–maybe lady knew we don’t have cents up here anymore– some I know don’t have sense either so either way it’s funny.

    be safe–have more fun!!


  2. OMG…. best $6 you will spend on your trip besides dog treats!!! love your blog & pics, can’t wait to see what other little gems you find on your adventure….. safe travels 💕


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