Hola Espana! Moving on to southern Spain :)

Howdy folks!  Well, Kim is now on the second half of her epic girl’s vacation.  She flew to Malaga, Spaîn yesterday and is staying on the Mediterranean coast.  It’s a bit busy resort, but it is a great central location for day trips, and they have a lot planned!

Kim and Bern said goodbye in Marrakech….Bern flew back to Calgary.  They had an awesome time in Morocco, and it was bittersweet to move on.

Kim has now connected with her friend Dawn, and their first stop…supper near their resort.  Wine and seafood paella :). Welcome to Spain!

They took it easy this morning…needed a bit of recovery from their travels. Picked up some food at the supermarket for breakfasts, went for a walk on the boardwalk and met up with a tour agent to get themselves set for the week….stay tuned…it will be very busy, but amazing.

Nathalie, their travel lady gave them some great ideas for today….so they took her advice, jumped on a bus and headed to a nearby town of Mijas.  The bus was very easy to navigate and cheap!

Mijas is a whitewashed village, with beautiful vistas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and lots of photo opportunities.   Kim and Dawn stopped by the tourism office and followed a historical map to check out the town.

This self guided tour took them to many interesting spots, including an old church and a miniature museum, where art was produced in the heads ôf nails, and grains of rice.. Kim was amazed and couldn’t believe the intricacy and the patience it took…she said she couldn’t do it 😉

You know how life is great when you stumble upon things…..well that’s just how Kim felt when she found the Happiness Laboratory…homemade artisanal chocolate…and when a Pop up donut stand showed up…..people came from everywhere to wait in line….sweet tooth?


Well, Dawn and Kim figured it was time for lunch and they found a great spot with a great view…..and of course they said it wouldn’t be Spain if they didn’t have the Sangria!

This town is a photographers dream, Kim said, and they took a lot of photos….here are a few of her favourites…

Well, that was a busy day 1, wasn’t it?  They plan to spend some time in Malaga tomorrow..exploring the town and maybe finding some tapas :). Stay tuned!

Us kids are enjoying time wîth John and visiting our friends in the dog park.  We have lots of people taking care of us!

later peeps!  Have an awesome day!  Hug your friends and family, they are the best!



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